El Cortijo

Hotel Boutique

El Cortijo Hotel Boutique

Cachi - Salta - Argentina

The hotel was established in the year 1993 and resulted from the refurbishment of what used to be an old colonial house. It was built using regional materials such as stone, adobe, reed and wood.

The hotel allows our guests to experience what it is like living in a typical colonial house. The colours, odours, flavours and textures will accompany them during their stay and will help them feel a sense of ease and relaxation while admiring art.

The geographic features of the place make it unique in terms of culture and architecture. Staying in this wonderful village frozen in the 1700s, yet full of life, is truly priceless.

El Cortijo Hotel Boutique is the perfect place for relaxing and enjoying the Andean gourmet cuisine amid a stunning natural beauty and artistic atmosphere.

CACHI is the most important village in the Upper Calchaqui Valley and it is located southwest of the province of Salta, 160 kilometers away from Salta city and 2,400 m.a.s.l.

It is a Pre-Hispanic village where many Spanish constructions can be found, giving the village a colonial style. These include well-preserved old mansions built in 1700s, cobbled streets, stone irrigation canals, high sidewalks and stone walls.

Cachi has many tourist attractions: the church, the archaeological museum, the historical cemetery, local wineries and areas where paprika, cumin and tomatoes are grown.

Several places near the hotel are really worth visiting, as they are picturesque and enchanting: Cachi Adentro, Las Pailas, Payogasta, La Paya, Seclantas and Molinos, among others.